Fall 2020 Schedule

The link to Gallagher's English translation: http://www.lacaninireland.com/web/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Seminar-IX-Amended-Iby-MCL-7.NOV_.20111.pdf

The French version of Seminar IX: http://staferla.free.fr/S9/S9.htm

Lacan Salon, 2020-2021 Schedule

Text: Seminar IX: Identification (1961-1962)

As we begin the Salon in the fall of 2020, we will be maintaining our virtual, zoom-enabled practice for the time being, due to restrictions on gatherings in British Columbia and Simon Fraser University guidelines. Thank you for your patience for those of you missing the in-person sessions (as most of us are!) and welcome, also, to our visitors from outside Vancouver who have joined us since March. The internationalization of the Salon is a real pleasure. Readings for this Seminar are available at lacaninireland.com, Cormac Gallagher’s essential resource.

September 8

Lesson 1: Wednesday 15 November 1961 (pgs. 2-10)

Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

September 22

Lesson 2: Wednesday 22 November 1961 (pgs. 11-18)

Facilitator: Alessandra Capperdoni

October 6 (double)

Lesson 3: Wednesday 29 November 1961 (pgs. 19-27)

Facilitator: Clint Burnham

Lesson 4: Wednesday 6 December 1961 (pgs. 28-37)

Facilitator: Rawia Inaim

October 20

Lesson 5: Wednesday 13 December 1961 (pgs. 38-45)

Facilitator: Paul Kingsbury

November 3

Lesson 6: Wednesday 20 December 1961 (pgs. 46-57)

Facilitator: Group discussion

November 17

Lesson 7: Wednesday 10 January 1962 (pgs. 58-70)

Facilitator: Sanem Guvenc

December 1 (double)

Lesson 8: Wednesday 17 January 1962 (pgs. 71-82)

Facilitator: Rosemary Overell

Lesson 9: Wednesday 24 January 1962 (pgs. 83-92)

Facilitator: Ziwei Yan

December 15

Lesson 10: Wednesday 21 February 1962 (pgs. 93-101)

Facilitator: Alma Krilic

(January-June 2021 facilitations will be solicited in late 2020)


Resources for Seminar IX

Lorenzo Chiesa: “Count-as-one, Forming-into-one, Unary Trait, S1”


Ed Pluth, “Lacan’s Subversion of the Subject” Continental Philosophy Review, 2006

Friedman Michael Friedman "Torus and Identification: The Beginning of Lacanian mathematics" in Psychoanalysis Topological Perspectives, Transcript 2016 (Tomsic and Freidman Eds.) (See also Friedman’s footnote, where he mentions, besides Chiesa & Pluth: Granon-Lafont 1985; 1990; Darmon 1990; Moncayo 2012)

Friedman: “On Repetition and the Limits of Formalization”

On topology (from Sanem in summer 2020): tba

Ellie Ragland & Dragan Milanovic's 2004 edited book, "Lacan, Topologically Speaking" available on libgen.

Jeanne Lafont's "Ordinary topology of Jacques Lacan"

Michael Friedman and Samo Tomsic's 2016 edited book, "Psychoanalysis: Topological Perspectives".

Paul Kingbury's 2007 article on extimacy (in Social and Cultural Geography)

Will Greenshield's "Writing the Structures of the Subject"