Winter and Spring 2022 Schedule

**May 24th and June 7th Salon sessions will be held online. Email for the Zoom link

In the Fall 2022, we will be back to in-person Salon sessions every other Tuesday (7pm-9pm)

SFU Woodwards 149 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

Room 2205

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan | Book IV | The Object Relation

Edited by Jacques-Alain Miller

Translated by A. R. Price

Wiley, 2021

The French version of Seminar IV:


Winter and Spring 2022

January 4 ONLINE session

Reading: Chapter X “Identification with the Phallus” (6 Feb. 1957), pgs. 157-170

Facilitator: Clint Burnham

January 18 ONLINE session

Reading: Chapter XI “The Phallus and the Unfulfilled Mother” (27 Feb. 1957), pgs. 171-188

Facilitator: Pascal Christeller

February 1 Reading: PART FOUR - Mythical Structure in the Observation on Little Hans’ Phobia

Chapter XII “On the Oedipus Complex” (6 Mar. 1957), pgs. 191-206

Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

February 15

Reading: Chapter XIII “On the Castration Complex” (13 Mar. 1957), pgs. 207-223

Facilitator: Clint Burnham

March 1

Reading: Chapter XIV “The Signifier in the Real” (20 Mar. 1957), pgs. 224-240

AND Chapter XV (27 Mar. 1957), pgs. 241-260

Facilitator: Desiree Jung

March 15

Reading: Chapter XVI “How Myth is Analysed” (3 Apr. 1957), pgs. 261-277

Facilitator: Wayne Wapeemukwa

March 29

Reading: Chapter XVII “The Signifier and Der Witz” (10 Apr. 1957), pgs. 278-294

Facilitator: Juan Luis de la Mora

April 12

Reading: Chapter XVIII “Circuits” (8 May 1957), pgs. 295-309

Facilitator: Alois Sieben

April 26 ONLINE Session

Reading: Chapter XIX “Permutations” (15 May 1957), pgs. 310-326

Facilitator: Ziwei Yan

May 10 ONLINE Session

Reading: Chapter XX “Transformations” (22 May 1957), pgs. 327-343

Facilitator: Eugenie Austin

May 24 ONLINE Session

Reading: Chapter XXI “The Mother’s Drawers and the Father’s Shortcoming” (5 June 1957), pgs. 344-361

and Chapter XXII, “An Essay in Rubber-Sheet Logic” (19 June 1957), pgs. 362-379


June 7 ONLINE Session

Reading: Chapter XXIII “Me donnera sans femme une progeniture” (26 June 1957), pgs. 380-400

and FAREWELL - Chapter XXIV “From Hans-the-Fetish to Leonardo-in-the-Mirror” (3 July 1957) pgs. 403-426

Facilitators: Alessandra Capperdoni and Paul Kingsbury