Call For Papers

~~~ Call for Papers LaConference 2018 ~~~ 

Lacan and the Environment

April 6-7, 2018

Western Front, Vancouver, British Columbia

LaConference is a conference series organized by the Lacan Salon of Vancouver, Canada. Previous iterations include LaConference 2011 (with keynote speaker Dany Nobus) at the Western Front, LaConference 2013 (on “the Symbolic Order in the Twenty-First Century” with keynote speaker Paul Verhaeghe) at the Simon Fraser University-Woodwards campus, LaConference 2015 (on “A Century on the Drive”) at SFU Woodwards, and LaConference 2016 (on “Love”, co-organized with the Affiliated Psychoanalytic Workshop with keynote speakers Anne Dufourmantelle and Veronique Voruz), also at SFU Woodwards. The Lacan Salon meets regularly on alternate Tuesday evenings in room 2205 at SFU Woodwards, on the unceded traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples.

LaConference 2018 takes as its topic Lacan and the Environment, the latter concept meant in two interlocking ways. On the one hand, the socio-cultural environment to which the child or subject or analysand is asked to adapt. On the other hand, the environment conceived of as our planet’s ecology which, perhaps, we have forced to adapt to us. We welcome the widest possible range of papers that deal with these concepts in a Lacanian/post-Lacanian psychoanalytic manner, from the clinic to politics, from representations to praxis. Proposals are welcome from academics, students, analysts, activists, artists, and community members. Possible topics include: