Clinical Seminar III

The Institutional Unconscious

Presented by Hilda Fernandez, MA, RCC, with kind support of Lacan Salon and SFU Institute for the Humanities

 Art: Diego Rivera (1934) Man at the Crossroads

10 sessions starting January, 2019. Open to all and free of charge

Stay tuned for detail about when and where.

This seminar will advance ways in which the unconscious appears in institutional practices by mapping the positions that speakers and their interlocutors occupy in language and the terms of exchange materialized in the social relation they sustain.

Following Lacan’s theory of discourse (1969-70) we will interrogate those intrapsychic/intersubjective conditions at work within an institution, hoping to develop a critical understanding of the underpinning dynamics of discursive modalities such as:master-oppresor, hysteric-protestor, university-science, analyst-revolutionary, and capitalist-reification.


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