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…or worse (…ou pire)

…or worse, text established by Jacques-Alain Miller, was recently translated by A. R. Price and published by Wiley:,+Book+XIX-p-9780745682440

For the purpose of this Salon, the text can be read in Price’s translation of the Miller edition, which is authoritatively edited from the stenographic transcripts, or in the translation by Cormac Gallagher, which is a direct translation of the stenographic and audio record, found at Lacan in Ireland:

The French edition, Le séminaire de Jacques Lacan, texte établie par Jacques-Alain Miller, is published by Editions de Seuil:

A very useful edition of the stenographic record can be found here:

The titles in the schedule below come from the Miller edition. The titles are followed by the dates of the seminar, which are used as titles in the Gallagher translation.

Lacan also presented, the same year, a series of talks at Saint Anne hospital. These are known as “The Knowledge of the Psychoanalyst”. The first three of these were published as a book by Polity: Talking to Brick Walls. The final four are included in Miller’s edition of Seminar 19. All seven talks, or interviews, an be found at Lacan In Ireland, where they are titled Seminar XIXa:



September 10 

Seminar XIXa, Gallagher translation / 4 November 1971

The Psychoanalyst’s Knowledge, part 1

Facilitator: Clint Burnham


September 24

Seminar XIXa, Gallagher translation

The Psychoanalyst’s Knowledge, part 2 / 2 December 1971

Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez


October 8

Seminar XIX

I. The small difference / 8 December 1971

Faciltator: Paul Kingsbury


October 22

II. The function x / 15 December 1971

Facilitator: Clint Burnham

November 5

Seminar XIXa, Gallagher translation

The Psychoanalyst’s Knowledge, part 3 / 6 January 1972

Facilitator: Alexis Tia Wolfe

November 19

Seminar XIX

III. From anecdote to logic / 12 January 1972

Facilitator: Ed Graham

 December 3

IV. From necessity to inexistence / 19 January 1972

Facilitator: Sanem Guvenc-Salgirli


December 17

V. Topology of speech (a talk at Sainte-Anne) / 3 February 1972

The Psychoanalyst’s Knowledge, Gallagher, part 4

Facilitator: Rawia Inaim


January 7

VI. I ask you to refuse me my offering / 9 February 1972

Facilitator: Alois Sieben

 January 21 *Room change: 2295

VII. The vanished partner (a talk at Sainte-Anne) / 3 March 1972

The Psychoanalyst’s Knowledge, Gallagher, part 5

Facilitator: Rawia Inaim

February 4 - Session canceled


February 18 *Room change: 2295

VIII. What is involved in the Other / 8 March 1972

IX. In the field of the Unian / 15 March 1972 

Facilitator: Group discussion

March 3

X. Yad’lun / 19 March 1972

Facilitator: Ziwei Yan

March 17

XI. An issue of Ones (a talk at Sainte-Anne)

The Psychoanalyst’s Knowledge, Gallagher, part 6/ May 4, 1972

Facilitator: Gregory Duby

 March 31

XII. Knowledge about truth / 10 May 1972

Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

April 14

XIII. The founding of sexual difference / 10 May 1972 (sic) / 17 May 1972 in Gallagher

Facilitator: Alessandra Capperdoni

April 28

XIV. Theory of the four formulae (a talk at Sainte-Anne)

The Psychoanalyst’s Knowledge, Gallagher, part 7 (1. June 1972)

Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

 4. CODA

 May 12

XV. The desire to sleep / 14 June 1972

Facilitator: Ted Byrne

May 26

XVI. Bodies captured by discourse / 21 June 1972

Report on Seminar XIX (Appendix to Miller)

Facilitator: Clint Burnham





Formations of the Unconscious, text established by Jacques-Alain Miller, was recently translated by Russell Grigg and published by Wiley:,+Book+V-p-9780745660370

For the purpose of this Salon, the text can be read in Grigg’s translation of the Miller edition, which is authoritatively edited from the stenographic transcripts, or in the translation by Cormac Gallagher, which is a direct translation of the stenographic record:

The French edition, Le séminaire de Jacques Lacan, texte établie par Jacques-Alain Miller, is published by Editions de Seuil:

A very useful edition of the stenographic record can be found here:

The titles in the schedule below come from the Miller edition. The titles are followed by the dates of the seminar, which are used as titles in the Gallagher translation.






September 4 2018

I. The Famillionaire / 6 November 1957

Faciltator: Paul Kingsbury


September 18

II. The Fat-millionaire / 13 November 1957

Faciltator: Oliver Keane


October 2

III. The Miglionaire / 20 November 1957

Faciltator: Vivi Djadja

October 16

IV. The Golden Calf / 27 November 1957

Faciltator: Lucas Pohl


V. A Bit-of-Sense and the Step-of-Sense / 4 December 1957

Faciltator: Lucas Pohl


October 30

VI. Whoah, Neddy! / 11 December 1957

Faciltator: Leigh Tennant


November 13

VII. Une Femme de Non-Recevoir, or: A Flat Refusal / 18 December 1957

Faciltator: Alessandra Capperdoni




November 27

VIII. Foreclosure of the Name-of-the-Father / 8 January 1958

Faciltator: Alessandra Capperdoni


IX. The Paternal Metaphor / 15 January 1958

Faciltator: Alessandra Capperdoni


December 11

X. The Three Moments of the Oedipus Complex (I) / 22 January 1958

Faciltator: Ted Byrne

XI. The Three Moments of the Oedipus Complex (II) / 29 January 1958

Faciltator: Ted Byrne

January 8 2019

XII. From Image to Signifier in Pleasure and in Reality / 5 February 1958

Faciltator: Alex Macqueen


January 22

XIII. Fantasy, Beyond the Pleasure Principle / 12 February 1958

Faciltator: Clint Burnham




February 5

XIV. Desire and Jouissance / 5 March 1958

Faciltator: Alma Krilic


February 19

XV. The Girl and the Phallus / 12 March 1958

Faciltator: Hilda Fernandez


March 5

XVI. Insignias of the Ideal / 19 March 1958

Group discussion


XVII. The Formulas of Desire / 26 March 1958

Group discussion


March 19

XVIII. Symptoms and Their Masks / 

Faciltator: Alois Sieben


April 2

XIX. Signifier, Bar and Phallus / 23 April 1958

Faciltator: Sanem Guvenc-Salgirli




April 16

XX. The Dream by the Butcher’s Beautiful Wife / 9 April 1958

Faciltator: Alois Sieben


XXI. The ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ Dreams / 7 May 1958

Faciltator: Alex Macqueen


April 30

XXII. The Other’s Desire / 14 May 1958

Faciltator: Leigh Tennant


XXIII. The Obsessional and his Desire / 21 May 1958

Faciltator: Leigh Tennant


May 14

XXIV. Transference and Suggestion / 4 June 1958

Faciltator: Clint Burnham


May 28

XXV. The Signification of the Phallus in the Treatment / 11 June 1958

Faciltator: Hilda Fernandez


June 11

XXVI. The Circuits of Desire / 18 June 1958

Faciltator: Chris Dzierzawa


XXVII. Exiting via the Symptom / 25 June 1958

Faciltator: Chris Dzierzawa


June 25

XXVIII. You Are the One You Hate / 2 July 1958

Faciltator: Paul Kingsbury






The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: Joyce and the Sinthome

Translated by Cormac Gallagher

Part 1

and Part 2




January 2, SEMINAR 1: 18 NOVEMBER 1975

On the logical use of the sinthome, or Freud with Joyce

facilitator: Ted Byrne


January 16, SEMINAR 2: 9 DECEMBER 1975

On what makes a hole in the real

facilitator: Oliver Keane


January 30, SEMINAR 3: 16 DECEMBER 1975

On the knot as the subject’s support

facilitator: Sasha Langford



February 6*, SEMINAR 4: 13 JANUARY 1976

Joyce and the fox riddle

facilitator: Alois Sieben


February 27, SEMINAR FOR 20 JANUARY 1976

(Presentation at Lacan’s Seminar, by Jacques Aubert)

facilitator: Clint Burnham


March 13, SEMINAR 5: 10 FEBRUARY 1976

Was Joyce mad?

facilitator: Hilda Fernandez


March 27, SEMINAR 6: 17 FEBRUARY 1976

Joyce and imposed words

facilitator: Oliver Keane



April 10, SEMINAR 7: 9 MARCH 1976

On a fallace that vouches for the real

facilitator: Jaleh Mansoor


April 24, SEMINAR 8: 16 MARCH 1976

On sens, sex and the real

facilitator: Alessandra Capperdoni 


May 8, SEMINAR 9: 13 APRIL 1976

From the unconscious to the real

facilitator: Alma Krilic



May 22, SEMINAR 10: 11 MAY 1976

The writing of the Ego

facilitator: Paul Kingsbury



“Joyce the Symptom,” by Lacan

facilitator: Clint Burnham


*please note special date due to a pre-existing booking. Thanks to SFU Woodwards’ Office for Community Engagement for their continued support.


A copy of the Seminar is available online at (translated by Cormac Gallagher) or from Polity Press. Please note that the Gallagher translation is numbered consecutively from 1-11, Seminar 5 being mostly Jacques Aubert’s intervention.

The Logic of Fantasy: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XIV
Translated by Cormac Gallagher

Schedule  2017:

January 10 - 7:30pm - 9.30pm
I. Session of 16 November 1966
Facilitated by: Paul Kingsbury

January 24 - 7:30pm - 9.30pm
II. Session of  23 November 1966
Facilitated by: Chris Dzierzawa

February 7 - 7:30pm - 9.30pm
III. Session of 30 November 1966
Facilitated by: Clint Burnham
Additional reading: Jacques Alain Miller 'Suture'

February 21 - 7:30pm - 9.30pm
IV. Session of  7 December 1966
Facilitated by: Group discussion

March 7 - 7:30pm - 9.30pm
V. Session of  14 December 1966
Facilitated by: Hilda Fernandez

March 21 - 7:30pm - 9.30pm
VI. Session of  21 December 1966
Facilitated by: Sang Wu

April 4 - 7:30pm - 9.30pm
VII. Session of 29 December 1966
Facilitated by: Sang Wu

April 18 (18 is cancelled) 

May 2
VIII. Session of 18 January 1967
Facilitated by: Clint Burnham

May 16
IX. Session of 25 January 1967
X. Session of 1 February 1967
Facilitated by: Paul Kingsbury

May 30
XI. Session of 15 February 1967
XII. Session of 22 February 1967 
Facilitated by: Hilda Fernandez and Ted Byrne

June 13
XIII. Session of 1 March  1967
Facilitated by: Alessandra Capperdoni

June 27
XIV. Session of 8 March 1967
XV. Session of 15 March 1967
Facilitated by: Group discussion

September 5
XVI. Session of 12 April 1967
Facilitated by: Clint Burnham

September 19
XVII. Session of 19 April 1967
XVIIISession of 26 April 1967
Facilitated by: Chris Dzierzawa

October 3 
XIX. Session of 10 May 1967
Facilitated by: Alessandra Capperdoni

October 17
XX. Session of 24 May 1967
Facilitated by: Ted Byrne

October 31
XXI. Session of 31 May 1967 
Facilitated by: Hilda Fernandez

November 14
XXII. Session of 7 June 1967
Facilitated by: Mel Maxon

November 28
XXIII. Session of 14 June 1967
Facilitated by: Alois Sieben

December 12
XIV. Session of 21 June 1967  
Facilitated by: Clint Burnham

Transference: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book VIII
Translated by Bruce Fink
Spinoza's Ethics - notes here
Presented by Neven Knezevic
Feb. 15th - Oct. 18

Spring 2016 Schedule

Transference: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book VIII

Schedule Spring 2016:

Tuesday January 5 2016

I. In the Beginning Was Love
Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

January 19

II. Set and Characters
Facilitator: Paul Kingsbury

February 2

III. The Metaphor of Love: Phaedrus
Facilitator: Pascal Christeller

February 16

Introduction and Spinoza’s Doctrine of Substance, Overview of Ethics I 
Facilitator: Neven Knezevic

IV. The Psychology of the Rich: Pausanias

Facilitator: Felipe Palau

March 1

V. Medical Harmony: Eryximachus
Facilitator: Lalo Espejo

March 15

Ethics II
Facilitator: Neven Knezevic

VI. Deriding the Sphere: Aristophanes
Facilitator: (Not) All

March 29

VII. The Atopia of Eros: Agathon
Facilitator: Erin Soros

April 12

Ethics III
Facilitator: Neven Knezevic

VIII. From Epistéme to Mýthos

IX. Exit from the Ultra-World
Facilitator: (Not) All

April 26

X. Ágalma
XI. Between Socrates and Alcibiades
Facilitator: Pascal Christeller

May 10

Ethics IV: Nevin Knezevic

XII. Transference in the Present
XIII. A Critique of Countertransference
Facilitator: Ted Byrne

May 24

XIV. Demand and Desire in the Oral and Anal Stages
Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

June 7

Ethics V: Nevin Knezevic

XV. Oral, Anal, and Genital

June 21

XVI. Psyche and the Castration Complex

Fall 2016:

Sept 6

XVII. The Symbol Phi
Facilitator: Christopher Dzierzawa

Sept 20

Ethics VI
Facilitator: Neven Knezevic

XVIII. Real Presence
Facilitator: Wayne Wapeemukwa

Oct 4 

XIX. Sygne’s No
XX. Turelure’s Abjection
Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

Oct 18 

Ethics VII
Facilitator: Neven Knezevic

XXI. Pensée’s Desire
Facilitator: Group Facilitation

Nov 1 

XXII. Structural Decomposition
Facilitator: Ted Bryne 

Nov 15 

XXIII. Slippage in the Meaning of the Ideal

Nov 29 

XXIV. Identification via “ein einziger Zug”

December 13

XXV. The Relationship between Anxiety and Desire
Facilitator: Clint Burnham

XXVI. “A Dream of a Shadow Is Man”
Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

XXVII. Mourning the Loss of the Analyst 
Facilitator: Paul Kingsbury

Seminar VI Desire and its Interpretation

Cormack Gallagher translation

(Titles taken from Le Seminaire Livre VI, ed. Jacques Alain Miller, 2013) 


Fall 2015 Term:


Sept. 8: Seminar 20 (13.5.59)


The Fundamental Phantasm


Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez


Sept. 22: Seminar 21 (20.5.59)

The Form of the Cut


Facilitator: Alma Krilic


Oct. 6:  Seminar 22 (27.5.59)


Cut and Phantasm


Facilitator: Chris Dzierzawa


Oct. 20:  Seminar 23 (3.6.59)

The Function of the Subjective Feint


Facilitator: Clint Burnham


Nov. 3: Seminar 24 (10.6.59)


The Neurotic’s Dialectic of Desire

Facilitator: Desiree Jung


Nov. 17:  Seminar 25 (17.6.59)


The Either…Or…of the Object


Facilitator: Paul Kingsbury


Dec. 1:  Seminar 26 (24.6.59)

The Function of Splitting in Perversion


Facilitator: Brock MacLachlan 


Dec. 15: Seminar 27 (1.7.59)


Towards Sublimation


Facilitator: Ted Byrne

AGM December 15 at 8:30pm

Fall 2014 Term:


Sept. 9: Annual General Meeting


Sept. 23: Seminar 1 (12.11.58)

Construction of the Graph


Facilitator: Chris Dzierzawa


Oct. 7: Seminar 2 (19.11.58)


Explicatory Supplement


Facilitator: Alessandra Caperdoni

Oct. 21: Seminar 3 (26.11.58)


The Dream of the Dead Father : “He didn’t know that he was dead…”

Facilitator: Paul Kingsbury


Supplementary reading: “The Unconscious”, Freud (1915)


Nov. 4: Seminar 4 (3.12.58)


Little Anna’s Dream


Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez


Nov. 18: Seminar 5 (10.12.58)

The Dream of the Dead Father: As He Wishes 

Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez 


Dec. 2: Seminar 6 (17.12.58)


Introduction to the Object of Desire

Facilitator Wayne Wapeemukwa (virtual facilitation)


Dec. 16: Seminar 7 (7.1.59)


The Phallic Mediation of Desire

Supplementary reading:

Freud's Negation

Alenka Zupancic Not-Mother: On Freud's Verneinung


Facilitator: Alma Krilic


Spring 2015 Term:


Jan. 6: Seminar 8 (14.1.59)


The Message of the Little Cough


Facilitator: Ted Byrne


Supplementary reading Seminars 8-12:


Dream Analysis, Ella Sharpe (1937), esp. Chapter 5        


Jan. 20: Seminar 9 (21.1.59)

The Phantasm of the Barking Dog

Facilitator: Ted Byrne


Feb. 3:  Seminar 10 (28.1.59)


The Image of the Inside Out Glove


Facilitator: Chris Dzierzawa


Feb. 17: Presentation by Russell Grigg from the Lacan Circle of Melbourne (virtual facilitation)

              Desire in Mourning and Melancholia

Supplementary reading:

Freud's "Mourning and Melancholia" (1917)

Mar. 3: Seminar 11 (4.2.59)


The Sacrifice of the Taboo Woman 

Seminar 12 (11.2.59)

The Laughter of the Immortal Gods


Facilitator: Desiree Jung


Mar. 17: Seminar 13 (4.3.59)

The Impossible Act


Facilitator: Ted Byrne


Mar. 31: Seminar 14 (11.3.59)


The Desire Trap


Facilitator: Ted Byrne


Supplementary Reading Seminars 13-19:   


Hamlet, Shakespeare

“Desire and the Interpretation of Desire in Hamlet,” Lacan, in Literature and Psychoanalysis edShoshana Felman (1982) 

Hamlet & Oedipus, Ernest Jones (1954) 


Apr. 14: Seminar 15 (18.3.59)


The Desire of the Mother 


Facilitator: Alessandra Capperdoni


Apr. 28:  Seminar 16 (8.4.59)


There is no Other of the Other


Facilitator: Alma Krilic


May 12: Seminar 17 (15.4.59)


The Ophelia Object


Facilitator: Alessandra Capperdoni


May 26: Seminar 18 (22.4.59)


Mourning and Desire


Facilitator: David Ferraro from Lacan Circle of Melbourne (virtual facilitation)


June 9: Seminar 19 (29.4.59)


Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

Summer 2014 – Life and Death in Psychoanalysis by Jean Laplanche

Most critics have come to terms with the contradictions in Freud's work by attempting to impose a unified system even at the cost of rejecting crucial metapsychological concepts such as the death wish.  According to Jean Laplanche, "such variations or variants deserve better than a choice in favor of one or the other: they require an interpretation and such an interpretation implies that, as is the case with the analysis of dreams, all the elements be juxtaposed so that nothing be eliminated, that the either / or be retranslated into an and"

In a way that Freud plainly does not control, Laplanche argues, there are at work two different concepts corresponding to each of a series of crucial Freudian terms; in each of these conceptual pairs one of the elements is solidary with a specific conceptual scheme and the other with a second one.  The entire body of Freud's work, for Laplanche, is constituted as an elaborately structured polemical field in which two mutually exclusive schemes may be seen to be struggling to dominate a single terminological apparatus.

Life and Death in Psychoanalysis is a painstakingly lucid inquiry into the interpretative consequences of the conceptual and terminological difficulties posed by Freud's texts.  It is an uncannily precise delineation of the perverse rigor with which Freud's most virulent discoveries perpetually escape him - and are endlessly rediscovered.

Meeting Place: First Session, July 8th @ Roundhouse Community Centre; July 15th - August 16th @ SFU Woodwards

July 8 – The Order of Life and the Genesis of Human Sexuality

July 15 – Sexuality and the Vital Order in Psychical Conflict

July 22 – The Ego and the Vital Order

July 29 – The Ego and Narcissism

August 5 – Aggressiveness and Sadomasochism

August 12 – Why the Death Drive?

August 16 – Conclusion and Appendix: The Derivation of Psychoanalytic Entities


Text: Jacques Lacan, Seminar X – Anxiety


September 3, 2013 Seminar 1 (14 Nov/62), pp. 2-12 Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez. ALSO Freud Inhibitions, Symptoms and Anxiety (1926) SE XX

Sept. 17 Seminar 2 (21 Nov/62), pp. 13-23 Facilitator: Chris Dzierzawa

October 1 Seminar 3 (28 Nov/62), pp. 24-35; supplemental reading, Heidegger, chapt. 30 of Being & Time – “Fear as a mode of state-of-mind” Facilitator: Wayne Wapeemukwa 

Oct. 15 Seminar 4 (5 Dec/62), pp. 36-47 Facilitator: Clint Burnham

Oct. 29 Seminar 5 (12 Dec/62), pp. 48-61 Facilitator: Alma Krilic

ALSO An excerpt from Jean Paul Sartre.

November 12 Seminar 6 (19 Dec/62), pp. 62-73 Facilitator: Alessandra Caperdoni

Nov. 26 Seminar 7 (9 Jan/63), pp. 74-87 Facilitator: Dan Starling

December 10 Seminar 8&9 (16 & 23 Jan/63), pp. 88-116 Facilitator: Ted Byrne

January 7, 2014 Seminars 10&12 (30 Jan & 27 Feb/63)(no seminar 11), pp. 117-143 Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

Jan. 21 Seminar 13 (6 Mar/63), pp. 144-153 Facilitator: Alessandra Caperdoni

February 4 Seminar 14 (13 Mar/63), pp. 154-167 Facilitator: Paul Kingsbury

Feb. 18 Seminar 15 (20 Mar/63), pp. 168-181 Facilitator: Clint Burnham

March 4 Seminar 16 (27 Mar/63), pp. 182-194 Facilitator: All group

Mar. 18 Seminar 17 (8 May/63), pp. 195-210 Facilitator: Wayne Wapeemukwa 

April 1 Seminar 18 (15 May/63), pp. 211-223 Facilitator: Chris Dzierzawa

Apr. 15 Seminar 19 (22 May/63), pp. 224-236 Facilitator:  Alessandra Caperdoni

Apr. 29 Seminars 20 & 21 (29 May, 5 June/63), pp. 237-257 Facilitator: Wayne Wapeemukwa and Ted Byrne

May 13 Seminar 22 (12 June/63), pp. 258-271 Facilitator: Ted Byrne

May 27 Seminar 23 (19 June/63), pp. 272-286 Facilitator: Alois Sieben

June 10 Seminar 24 ( 26 June/63), pp. 287-300 Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez and Larry Green

June 24 Seminar 25 (3 July/63), pp. 301-313 Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez


January 8 Lacan: My Teachings (Verso, 2008): Chapt. 1 Facilitator: Chris Dzierzawa

January 22 (At the Roundhouse 8-10pm) Lacan My Teachings Chapts 2, 3 Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

February 5 Lacan: “Radiophonie” (from Scilicet 2/3, 1970, pp 55-99) Facilitator: Kyle Carpenter

February 19 Lacan: “Radiophonie” Facilitator: Kyle Carpenter

March 5 Lacan: “On Psychoanalytic Discourse” (aka The Milan Discourse) Facilitator: Clint Burnham

March 19 Lacan, Television (from October 40, Spring 1987, pp. 6-50) Facilitator: Group

April 2 Lacan, Television Facilitator: Kyle Carpenter

April 16 Lacan, Seminar XVII: The Other Side of Psychoanalysis, trans. Russell Grigg, Chapter one: “The Production of the Four Discourses”, pp. 11 ff Facilitator: Wayne Robinson

April 30 By Dr. Paul Verhaeghe our coming keynote speaker for LaConference 2013:
- Psychoanalysis in Times of Science (2011) An Interview
- From Impossibility to Inability (1995) On Lacan's Four Discourses

- Love in a Time of Loneliness (1999) I'll concentrate on pp 142-199 The Drive

Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

May 14, “The Function and Field of Speech in Psychoanalysis” in Jacques Lacan, Écrits, trans. Bruce Fink, pp 197-268 Facilitator: TBA

May 28, “The Function and Field of Speech in Psychoanalysis” in Jacques Lacan, Écrits, trans. Bruce Fink, pp 197-268 Facilitator: Chris Dzierzawa

June 11 "The Name of the Father" Facilitator: Paul Kingsbury

June 25 "Remarks on Daniel Lagache's Presentation" Facilitator: Clint Burnham

LACAN SALON Fall 2012 Schedule

Tuesday Sept 4 (Board Room) The Mirror Stage as Formative of the I Function as Revealed in Psychoanalytical Experience  (1949) pp 75-81; Aggressiveness in Psychoanalysis (1948) pp 82-101; ALSO Freud, "On Narcissism" (1914) SE XIV (pp 69-102)

Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez

Wednesday, September 19 “The Freudian Thing, or the Meaning of the Return to Freud in Psychoanalysis,” in Jacques Lacan, Écrits, trans. Bruce Fink, pp 334-363/401-436.*
Facilitator: Desiree Jung
ALSO Freud, " On The History Of The Psychoanalytic Movement (1914) SE XIV (pp 1-7) and/or “An Autobiographical Study” (1925) SE XX (pp 2-69) Facilitator: Myka Abramson
October 3 “Introduction to Jean Hyppolite’s Commentary on Freud’s ‘Verneinung’,” “Response to Jean Hyppolite’s Commentary on Freud’s ‘Verneinung’,” in Jacques Lacan, Écrits, trans. Bruce Fink, pp 308-333/369-399.* ( Hyppolite’s “A spoken commentary on Freud's Verneinung” [from The seminar of Jacques Lacan. Book 1: Freud's papers on technique, 1953-1954 but also reproduced in our Écrits, 746-754/879-887]). Facilitator: Clint Burnham
ALSO Freud’s “Negation,” SE 19: 233-239, Facilitator: Wayne Robinson

October 17 “Guiding Remarks for a Convention on Female Sexuality,” in Jacques Lacan, Écrits, trans. Bruce Fink, pp 610-620/725-736.* Facilitator: Chris Dzierzawa
ALSO Freud, “Some Psychical Consequences Of The Anatomical Distinction Between The Sexes” (1925) SE XXI (pp 221-243); "Female Sexuality (1931) SE XIX (pp 241-258) and/or Femininity in "New Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis” (1933) SE XXII (pp 112-135)  Facilitator Chris Dzierzawa

October 31”The Youth of Gide, or the Letter and Desire,” in Jacques Lacan, Écrits, trans. Bruce Fink, pp 623-644/739-764.* Facilitator: Alessandra Capperdoni

ALSO Freud, "Dostoevsky and Parricide (1928) SE XXI (pp 185-208)  Facilitator TBA
November 14 “On a Question Prior to any Possible Treatment of Psychosis,” in Jacques Lacan, Écrits, trans. Bruce Fink, pp 445-488/531-583.* Facilitator: Richard Ingram

ALSO Freud, "Neurosis and Psychosis (1924) SE XIX (pp 147-153) and/or “The Loss Of Reality In Neurosis and Psychosis (1924) SE XIX (pp 181-187)  Facilitator TBA

We won’t discuss all Schreber case, but it is important to have some familiarity with it. “Psycho-Analytic Notes on an Autobiographical Account of a Case of Paranoia (1911) SE XII (pp 1-79)

November 28 “On Freud’s ‘Trieb’ and the Psychoanalyst’s Desire,” in Jacques Lacan, Écrits, trans. Bruce Fink, pp 722-725/852-854.* and “Position of the Unconsciouss” pp 703-721/829-850. Facilitator: Anthony DeLemos

This text is based on Lacan’s Seminar XI (1964) “The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis”, Worth checking Chapter 13 and 14 (pp 161-174) trans A. Sheridan.

ALSO Freud, "Instincts and their Vicissitudes (1915) SE XIV (pp 109-140)  Facilitator: TBA

December 12 “Presentation on Transference,” in Jacques Lacan, Écrits, trans. Bruce Fink, pp 176-185/215-226.* .*Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

Since Lacan’s text is about Dora’s case read Freud’s "Fragment of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria (1905) SE VII (pp 1-122)

ALSO Freud “The Dynamics Of Transference” (1912) SE XII (pp 97-109) and “Observations on Transference-Love” (1915) SE XII (pp 157-171)  Facilitator Brad Murray

* Pagination is for complete English edition (Fink translation) first, then French edition (1966 edition).

LACAN SALON Summer 2012

Žižek reading group: Less than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism

Venue: Access Gallery 222 E Georgia

7-9 pm Tuesdays

July 3: Introduction, Part I: The Drink Before; Chapter 1 Vacillating the Semblances,
Chapter 2 Where There is Nothing, Read that I love you (pp 1-135)

July 10: Chapt 3 Fichte’s Choice, Part II: The Thing Itself: Hegel; Chapt 4 Is it still possible to be a Hegelian today? (pp 137-240)

July 17 Interlude 1: Marx as a Reader of Hegel, Hegel as a Reader of Marx; Chapt. 5 Parataxis: Figures of the Dialectical Process; Interlude 2: Cogito in the History of Madness (pp 241-358)

July 24 Chapt. 6: Not only as Substance, but Also as Subject; Interlude 3: King, Rabble, War … and Sex (pp 359-453)

July 31 Chapt. 7 The Limits of Hegel; Part III: The Thing Itself: Lacan; Chapt 8 Lacan as a Reader of Hegel (pp 455 – 555)

Aug 7 Interlude 4: Borrowing from the Future, Changing the Past; Chapt. 9: Suture and Pure Difference; Interlude 5: Correlationism and its Discontents; Chapt. 10 Objects, Objects Everywhere (pp 557-713)

Aug 14 Interlude 6: Cognitivism and the Loop of Self-Positing; Chapt. 11 The Non-All, or, the Ontology of Sexual Difference; Part IV: The Cigarette After; Chapt 12: The Foursome of Terror, Anxiety, Courage … and Enthusiasm (pp 715-858)

Aug 21 Chapt. 13 The Foursome of Struggle, Historicity, Will … and Gelassenheit, Chapt. 14: The Ontology of Quantum Physics; Conclusion (pp 859-1010).



Jan. 3 (7-9 pm, multimedia room) INTRODUCTION TO THE QUESTION OF THE PSYCHOSES Chapt. I, 3-15 Facilitating: Clint Burnham

Jan. 17 (7-9 pm, multimedia room) Chapts. II-III, “The Meaning of delusion,” “The Other and psychosis,” pp. 16-43. Facilitating: Chris Dzierzawa

Jan. 31 (7-9 pm, multimedia room) Chapt. IV, “‘I’ve just been to the butcher’s’,” THEMATICS AND STRUCTURE OF THE PSYCHOTIC STRUCTURE, Chapt. V, “On a god who does not deceive and one who does,” pp. 44-72. Facilitating: Kyle Carpenter
Supplemental reading:* Freud: “Neurosis and Psychosis” (SE 19: 149-53), “The Loss of Reality in Neurosis and Psychosis” (SE 19: 187-87)

Feb. 14 (7:30-9:30 pm, room C) Chapts. VI-VII, “The psychotic phenomenon and its mechanism,” “The imaginary dissolution,” pp. 73-101 Facilitating: Hilda Fernandez

Feb. 28 (7:30-9:30 pm, room C) Chapts. VIII-IX, “The symbolic sentence,” “On nonsense and the structure of God,” pp. 102-129. Facilitating: Wayne Robinson

Mar. 13 (7:30-9:30 pm, room C) Chapts. X – XI, “On the signifier in the real and the bellowing-miracle,” “On the rejection of the primordial signifier,” pp. 130-157. Facilitating: Dylan Harvey

Mar. 27 (7:30-9:30 pm, room C) ON THE SIGNIFIER AND THE SIGNIFIED Chapts. XII – XIII, “The Hysteric’s Question,” “The Hysteric’s question (II): What is a woman?” pp. 161-182. Facilitating: Alessandra Caperdoni
Supplemental reading: Freud: “Fragment of an analysis of hysteria (Dora)” (SE VII: 3-124)

Apr. 10 (7-9 pm, music room) Chapts. XIV – XV, “The signifier, as such, signifies nothing,” “On primordial signifiers and the lack of one,” pp. 183-205 Facilitating: Chris Dzierzawa

Apr. 24 (7-9 pm, music room) Chapts. XVI – XVII, “Secretaries to the insane,” “Metaphor and metonymy (I): ‘His sheaf was neither miserly nor spiteful’,” pp. 206-221 Facilitating Jaime Kirtz

May 8 (7-9 pm, room B) Chapts. XVIII – XIX, “Metaphor and metonymy (II): Signifying articulation and transference of the signified,” “An address: Freud in the century,” pp. 222-244. Facilitating Wayne Robinson

May 22 (7-9 pm, room B) THE ENVIRONS OF THE HOLE Chapts. XX – XXI, “The appeal, the allusion,” “The quilting point,” 247-270 Facilitating All the group

June 5 (7-9 pm, room B) Chapts. XXII – XXIII, “‘Thou art the one who will follow me’,” “The highway and the signifier ‘being a father’,” pp. 271-294 Facilitating Clint Burnham

June 19 (7-9 pm, music room) Chapts. XXIV – XXV “‘Thou art’,” “The phallus and the meteor,” pp. 295-323. Facilitating Hilda Fernandez. Virtual guest Juan Manuel Rodriguez (speaking about the treatment for Psychosis from a psychoanalytical perspective)

*three other essential texts are Schreber’s Memoirs of My Nervous Illness, Freud’s “Psychoanalytic Notes on an Autobiographical Account of a Case of Paranoia (Dementia Paranoides)” (SE XII, 3-84), and Lacan’s “On a Question Prior to any Possible Treatment of Psychosis” (Écrits 445-488)

other possible texts:

Sheila Kunkle, “Psychosis in a Cyberspace Age”, Other Voices, v.1, n.3 (January 1999)

Bruce Fink, “Psychosis,” A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis: Theory and Technique (chapt. 7, pp 79-111)

Slavoj Žižek, “Love thy neighbour? No Thanks!”, The Plague of Fantasies, chapt. 2.

Eric Santner, My own private Germany: Daniel Paul Schreber's secret history of modernity Princeton, 1996

Fall 2011 -  Lacan’s Seminar II “”The Ego in Freud’s Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis” (1954-55)


Sept 6 (Board room: 7-9 pm) Introduction: Chapters I & II (pp. 3-24): Facilitating: Hilda Fernandez.


Sept 20 (Music room: 8-10 pm) Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Repetition: Chapts. III, IV, V (pp. 27-63) Supplementary readings Freud, Beyond the Pleasure Principle (1921). Facilitating: Kyle Carpenter (Lacan), Clint Burnham (Freud)


Oct 4 (Multimedia room: 8-10 pm) Chapts. VI, VII; The Freudian Schemata of the Psychic Apparatus: Chapt. VIII (pp. 64-101) Supplementary: Freud, The Origin of Psychoanalysis (Letters from Freud to Fliess) Letters 25,26,27. Facilitating: Ted Byrne (Chapter VI), Kerry Pollock (Remaining Lacan)


Oct 18 (Multimedia room: 8-10 pm) Chapts. IX, X (pp. 102-122) Supplementary Freud, Project for a Scientific Psychology (1895) Part I (SE I 330-391). Facilitating: All the group


Nov 1 (Music room: short session: 8:30-10 pm) Chapts. XI, XII (pp. 123-145) Supplementary: Freud, either: Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis (1916) SE XV Lecture 11th OR The Interpretations of Dreams (Chapter VII 1900) SE IV Pp 277-309 Both on “work of the dream.” Facilitating: Ryan Fitzpatrick.


Nov 15 (Multimedia room: 8-10 pm) Chapts XIII, XIV; Beyond the Imaginary, the Symbolic or from the Little to the Big Other:  Chapt. XV (pp. 146-190); Supplementary readings: Freud, “Irma’s injection” dream, Interpretation of Dreams, SE 4: 96-121 [Chapt. 2]. Facilitating: Brad Murray (Lacan), Alessandra Capperdoni (Freud).


Nov 29 (Multimedia room: 8-10 pm) Chapts. XVI, XVII, XVIII (pp. 191-234) Freud Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego (1921) SE XVIII. Facilitating: Ian Angus (Lacan), Hilda Fernandez (Freud).


Dec 6 (Board room: 7-9 pm) Chapts. XIX, XX, XXI (pp. 235-273) The Ego and the Id (1923) SE XIX. Facilitating: Cris Costa (Lacan) and Chris Dzierzawa (Freud)


Dec 13 (Music room: 7-9 pm) Finale:  Chapts. XXII, XXIII, XXIV (pp. 277-326). Facilitating: Emilio Allier-Montano

Summer 2011 – Introduction to the Reading of Hegel Lectures on the Phenomenology of Spirit by Alexandre Kojeve

During the years 1933-1939 Alexandre Kojeve gave a series of lectures on the philosophy of Hegel as it was developed in The Phenomenology of Spirit.  Attended by Raymond Queneau, Georges Bataille, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, André Breton, Jacques Lacan and Raymond Aron, these lectures form one of the corner stones of French intellectual thought for the latter half of the twentieth century. 

Meetings will take place weekly, Tuesday Evenings (7-9), at Access Gallery (437 West Hastings).  As with the Salon, we will ask for a $2 contribution to help support the organization lending us their space.  Hope to see you there!!

Man is Self-Consciousness.  He is conscious of himself, conscious of his human reality and dignity; and it is in this that he is essentially different from animals, which do not go beyond the level of simple Sentiment of Self.  Man becomes conscious of himself at the moment when – for the “first” time – he says “I”.  To understand man by understanding his “origin” is, therefore, to understand the origin of the I revealed by speech.  (First paragraph of the Book)


July 5 – Editors Introduction (vii-xii); Chapter 1 - In place of an introduction (pg. 3-30)

July 12 – Summary of the First 6 Chapters of the Phenomenology of Spirit (pg. 31-50)

July 19 – Summary of the First 6 Chapters of the Phenomenology of Spirit continued (pg. 50-71)

July 26 – Summary of the Course in 1937-1938 (pg. 71-75); Philosophy and Wisdom (pg.  pg. 75-100)

August 2 – A Note on Eternity, Time, and the Concept (pg. 100-125)

August 9 – A Note on Eternity, Time, and the Concept continued (pg. 125-150)

August 16 – Interpretation of the Third Part of Chapter VIII of the Phenomenology of Spirit (conclusion) (pg. 150-169)

August 23 – The Dialectic of the Real and the Phenomenological Method in Hegel (pg. 169-200)

August 30 – The Dialectic of the Real and the Phenomenological Method in Hegel continued (pg. 200- …)


Spring 2011 Syllabus ~ Écrits

January 11 & 25, 2011: Jacques Lacan, Écrits: “Seminar on ‘The Purloined Letter’”; secondary readings: Derrida, “The Purveyor of Truth,” from The Post Card; E.A. Poe, “The Purloined Letter”; (Bruce Fink?)

Facilitators: Jan. 11 (Board Room) – Alessandra Capperdoni on the Seminar

Facilitators: Jan 25 (Music Room) – Ted Byrne on Derrida

February 8 & 22 and March 8: Jacques Lacan, Écrits: “On the Subject Who is Finally in Question,” and “The Function and Field of Speech and Language in Psychoanalysis” ALSO Freud, "Jokes and Their Relation To The Unconscious" (1905) SE VIII (Part I: Intro Pp 10-16; and II: Technique of the Joke [1] to [3] Pp 16-41); "Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis" (1916) SE XV Lecture 4th Failed Actions (conclusion)

Facilitators: Feb. 8 (Music Room)– Clint Burnham

Facilitators: Feb. 22 (Music Room)– Chris Dzierzawa

Facilitators: Mar 8 (Room A)– Jesse Proudfoot

March 22 & April 5: Jacques Lacan, Écrits: “The Instance of the Letter in the Unconscious, or Reason Since Freud”; secondary reading: Fink, “Reading ‘The Instance of the Letter’,” from Lacan to the Letter: Reading Écrits Closely. ALSO Freud, "Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis" (1916) SE XV Lecture 11th: Work Of the Dream OR "The Interpretations of Dreams" SE IV The Work of the Dream Pp 277-309

Facilitators: Mar 22 (Room A) Desireé Jung

Facilitators: Apr. 5 – (Room A) Emilio Allier Montano

April 19 & May 3: Jacques Lacan, Écrits: “The Direction of the Treatment and the Principles of Its Power”; secondary reading: Fink, “Lacanian Technique in ‘The Direction of the Treatment,” from Lacan to the Letter: Reading Écrits Closely ALSO Freud, "The Interpretations of Dreams" SE IV Oneiric Disfiguration (The Butcher's Wife Dream) Pp 146-152. " Analysis Terminable And Interminable" (1937) SE XXIII. "Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis" (1916) SE XV Lecture 17th: Meaning of Symptoms

Facilitators: Apr. 19- (Room A) Jorge Santiago

Facilitators: May 3 – (Room A) Hilda Fernandez

May 17 & 31: Jacques Lacan, Écrits: “The Subversion of the Subject and the Dialectic of Desire in the Freudian Unconscious”; secondary readings: Fink, “Reading ‘The Subversion of the Subject’,” from Lacan to the Letter: Reading Écrits Closely; Slavoj Žižek, “Che Vuoi?” from The Sublime Object of Ideology.

Facilitators: May 17 – (Room A) Andrew Schmuley on “Subversion of the Subject”

Facilitators: May 31 – (Room A) Prabh Singh w/ Paul Kingsbury on Žižek

May 24: Clinical Dialogue with Dr. Roger Frie presenting a clinical case “Culture and Identity in the German-Jewish Experience: A Bilingual Case Study” followed by a discussion of the case from a Lacanian perspective by Paulina Moreno and Hilda Fernandez.

Meeting place and time: 2nd floor-1267 Marinaside Crescent, Vancouver BC V6Z 2X5. 7-9pm

June 14: Jacques Lacan, Écrits: “The Situation of Psychoanalysis and the Training of Psychoanalysts in 1956”; "On Freud's Trieb and the Psychoanalyst's Desire"; and "Psychoanalysis and Its Teaching". ALSO Freud, "Psychopathology of Everyday Life" (1901) SE VI Forgetting Proper Names (Signorelli) 1-7; The Question Of Lay Analysis (1926) SE XX

Facilitators: June 14 - (Room A) Hilda Fernandez

FALL 2010 ~ Seminar VII: The Ethics of Psychoanalysis, 1959-1960

Sept 7 Outline of the Seminar/Introduction to the Thing (Chapts. I-III; pp. 1-42); Hilda Fernandez
 ALSO: from Freud, The 1895 Project for a Scientific Psychology (SE I 330-335) (facilitating on Freud: Clint Burnham)

Sept 14 Das Ding (Chapts. IV-VI; pp. 43-84). (Facilitating on chapt. IV: Clint Burnham; Chap VI Hilda Fernandez)

Sept 28 Drives and things (Chapts. VII-IX; pp. 87-127); ALSO Joan Copjec, Imagine There’s No Woman: Ethics and Sublimation, Chapt. 1 (facilitating: Jon Smith/Kerry Pollock)

Oct 12 Courtly love (Chapts. X-XII; pp. 128-164) (facilitating Alessandra Capperdoni/Ted Byrne)

Oct 26 The Neighbour (Chapts. XII-XIV; pp. 167-190); (facilitating Dylan Godwin) ALSO Freud, Civilization and its Discontents

Nov 2 Jouissance (Chapts. XV-XVI; pp. 191-217); ALSO Kenneth Reinhard, “Towards a Political Theology of the Neighbor,” in Zizek et al, The Neighbor (facilitating: Jesse Proudfoot)

Nov 16 The Good, the goods, the beautiful (Chapts. XVII-XVIII; pp. 218-240) (Facilitating: Paul Kingsbury/Andrew Shmuley)

Nov 30 The Essence of Tragedy – A commentary on Sophocles’ Antigone (Chapts. XIX – XXI: pp. 243-287); ALSO: Sophocles, Antigone (facilitating: Desireé Jung)

Dec 14: The Tragic Dimension of the Analytic Experience (Chapts. XXII – XXIV: pp 291-325) (Facilitating: Hilda Fernandez/Paulina Moreno)

Summer 2010

Deleuze & Guattari's Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia


June 29th: An appetizer: Daniel W. Smith "The Inverse Side of Structure: Zizek on Deleuze and Lacan"; Desiring-Production, The Body Without Organs, the Subject and Enjoyment.
July 6th: A Materialist Psychiatry, The Machines, The Whole and its Parts.


July 13th: The Imperialism of Oedipus, Three Texts of Freud, The Connective Synthesis of Production, The Disjunctive Synthesis of Recording, The Conjunctive Synthesis of Consumption-Consummation.

July 20th: Recapitulation of the three syntheses, Social Repression and Psychic Repression, Neurosis and Psychosis, The Process.


July 27th: The Inscribing Socius, The Primitive Territorial Machine, The Problem of Oedipus, Psychoanalysis and Ethnology (44 pages)
July 3rd: Territorial Representation, The Barbarian Despotic Machine, Barbarian or Imperial Representation, The Urstaat (39 pages)
July 10th: The Civilized Capitalist Machine, Capitalist Representation, Oedipus at Last (50 pages).


August 17th: The Social Field, The Molecular Unconscious, Psychoanalysis and Capitalism.
August 24th: The First Positive task of Schizoanalysis, The Second Positive Task.

Spring 2010

Seminar XX: On Feminine Sexuality. The Limits Of Love And Knowledge

Jan. 5 Introduction by Hilda Fernandez
        Chapter I, On Jouissance (pp. 1-13)
        Suzanne Barnard, Introduction (1-20)*

Jan. 19 Chapters II, To Jakobson & III, The Function of the Written (14-37); 
Freud, "The Sexual Abnormalities" in Three Essays On the Theory of Sexuality (1905) Standard Edition (SE) Vol. 7 (123-156)
Freud, "Sexuality in Childhood" in Three Essays On the Theory of Sexuality (1905) SE Vol. 7 (157-188)
        Freud reading presented by Clint Burnham

Feb. 2 Chapter IV, Love and the Signifier (38-50); Facilitated by Marc Acherman
Freud, "Metamorphosis of Puberty" in Three Essays On the Theory of Sexuality (1905) SE Vol. 7 (189-222)
Bruce Fink, Knowledge and Jouissance (21-46)*
        Freud reading presented by Jesse Proudfoot

March 2 Chapter V, Aristotle and Freud: the Other Satisfaction (51-63); Facilitated by Richard Welch
Freud, "A Special Type Of Choice Of Object Made By Men" (1910) Contributions to the Psychology of Love I. SE Vol. 11 (163-175) Freud
reading presented by Hilda Fernandez and Jesse Proudfoot
Colette Soler, Hysteria in Scientific Discourse (47-56)*

Mar. 16 Chapter VI, God and Woman’s jouissance (64-77); Facilitated by Dave Gaertner
Freud, "On The Universal Tendency To Debasement In The Sphere Of Love" (1912) Contributions to the Psychology of Love II SE Vol. 11 (177-190) Freud reading presented by Alessandra Capperdoni
Slavoj Žižek, The Real of Sexual Difference (57-76)* Presented by Jason Starnes

Mar. 30 Chapter VII, A Love Letter (78-89); Facilitated by Alessandra Capperdoni
Freud, "The Taboo Of Virginity" Contributions to the Psychology of Love III (1918) SE Vol. 11 (191-208)
            Freud reading presented by Hilda Fernandez
Geneviève Morel, “Feminine Conditions of Jouissance” (77-92)*

Apr. 13 Chapter VIII, Knowledge and Truth (90-103); Facilitated by Chris Dzierzawa
Freud, "On The Sexual Theories Of Children" (1908) SE Vol 9 (205-226)
Lacan, "Guiding Remarks for a Convention on Female Sexuality" (1960) Ecrits (610-644) 
            Presented by Marc Acherman
Renata Salecl, Love Anxieties (93-98)* Presented by Alessandra Capperdoni

Apr. 27 Chapter IX, On the Baroque (104-117); Facilitated by Desire Jung
Lacan, "The Signification of the Phallus" (1958) Écrits (575-584) 
Paul Verhaeghe, Lacan’s Answer to the Classical Mind/Body Deadlock: Retracing Freud’s Beyond (109-140)*
Colette Soler, "What does the Unconscious know about Women?" (99-108)*

May 11 Chapter X, Rats of String (118-136); Facilitated by Clint Burnham
Andrew Cutrofello: The Ontological Status of Lacan’s Mathematical Paradigms (141-170)* 

May 25 Chapter XI: The Rat in the Maze; Facilitated by Andrew Shmuely
        Suzanne Barnard: Tongues of Angels: Feminine Structure and Other Jouissance (171-186)*

*from Barnard & Fink, eds., Reading Seminar XX: Lacan’s Major Work on Love, Knowledge, and Feminine Sexuaity, SUNY UP, 2002.

Fall 2009

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan Book XVII: The Other Side of Psychoanalysis

Aug 25 Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez 
          Introduction by Hilda Fernandez; Chapter I, "Production of the Four Discourses" (pp. 11–26).

Sept. 8 Facilitated by Dave Gaertner and Myka Abramson
Chapters II, "The Master and the Hysteric" & III, "Knowledge, a Means of Jouissance" (pp. 29–53); 
Jacques-Alain-Miller, “On Shame” (11–28)*
Sigmund Freud, "Fragment Of An Analysis Of A Case Of Hysteria (Dora) (1905).  Dora case presented by Clint Burnham.

Sept. 22 Facilitated by Marc Acherman and Carrie Pollack
Chapters IV, "Truth, the Sister of Jouissance" & V, "The Lacanian field" (54–83); 
Ellie Ragland, “The Hysteric’s Truth” (69–87)*.

Oct. 6 Facilitated by Alessandra Capperdoni
Chapter VI, "The Castrated Master" (pp. 87–101); 
Eric Laurent, “Symptom and discourse” (229–253)*
George Steiner, "Lessons of the Masters" (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2003).
Steiner reading presented by Hilda Fernandez

Oct 20 Facilitated by Jesse Proudfoot and Paul Kingsbury
Chapters VII, "Oedipus and Moses and the father of the horde", and VIII, "From myth to structure" (pp. 102–132); 
Sigmund Freud "Moses and Monotheism" (1939) 
Sigmund Freud  "Letters 70 and 71 to Fliess"
Paul Verhaeghe, “Enjoyment and Impossibility: Lacan’s Revision of the Oedipus Complex” (29–49)*.
With a screening of Martin Arnold's "Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy" presented by Jesse Proudfoot.

Nov. 3 Facilitated by all the members
Chapter IX, "Yahweh’s Ferocious Ignorance" (pp. 133–140); 
Russell Grigg, “Beyond the Oedipus Complex” (50–68)*.

Nov. 17 Facilitated by Cristian Dzierzawa and Richard Welch
Chapters X, "Interview on the Steps of the Pantheon", XI, "Furrows in the Alethosphere" (pp. 143–163); 
Oliver Feltham, “Enjoy your Stay: Structural Change in Seminar XVII (179–194)*.

Dec. 1 Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez 
Chapter XII, "The Impotence of Truth" (pp. 164–179); 
Slavoj Zizek, “Objet a in Social Links” (107–128)*.
Zizek reading presented by Clint Burnham

Dec. 15 Facilitated by Jason Starnes
Chapter XIII, "The Power of the Impossibles, Analyticon" (pp. 180–208);     
Dominick Hoens, “Toward a New Perversion: Psychoanalysis” (88–103)*
Sigmund Freud,  "Analysis Terminable And Interminable" (1937).
Freud reading presented by Andrew Shmuely

*from Clemens & Griggs, eds., Jacques Lacan and the Other Side of Psychoanalysis: Reflections on Seminar XVII.  Duke University Press, 2007.

Spring 2009
The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XI:
The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis (1964–65)
January 6 Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez
    Context by Hilda Fernandez; Chapter I: Excommunication.
January 20 Facilitated by Janet Oakes
    The Unconscious and Repetition: II: The Freudian Unconscious and Ours, III: Of the Subject of Uncertainty.     
    Freud's Reading "On the Psychology of the Dream Process" (1900) (Presented by Ofelia Ros)
February 3 Facilitated by Calen Nixon and Paulina Moreno
    IV: Of the Network of Signifiers, V: Tuché and Automaton.
    Freud's Reading "Beyond the Pleasure Principle" (1920) and "Letter 52 to Fliess" (presented by Jesse Proudfoot).
February 17 Facilitated by Niall Man and Nazie Naraghi    
    Of the Gaze as Objet petit a: VI: The Split Between the Eye and the Gaze, VII Anamorphosis.
    Merleau Ponty's Reading Part II of Phenomenology of Perception (presented by Niall Mann).

March 3 Facilitated by Niall Mann
    VIII: The Line and the Light, IX What is a picture?.
March 17  Facilitated by Jason Starnes
    The Transference and the Drive: X: Presence of the Analyst, XI: Analysis and Truth or the Closure of the Unconscious.
    Freud's Reading "Remembering, Repeating, Working Through" (1914) (presented by Hilda Fernandez). 
March 31 Facilitated by Ofelia Ros
    XII: Sexuality in the Defiles of the Signifier, XIII: The Deconstruction of the Drive.
    Freud's Reading "Instincts and Its Vicissitudes" (1915) (presented by Marc Acherman).
April 14 Facilitated by Paul Kingsbury
    XIV: The Partial Drive and its Circuit, XV: From Love to Libido.
April 28 Facilitated by Dave Gaertner
    The Field of the Other and Back to the Transference: XVI: The Subject and the Other: Alienation, XVII: The Subject and
    the Other: Aphanisis.
May 12 Facilitated by Clint Burnham
    XVIII: Of the Subject Supposed to Know, of the first Dyad and of the Good, IXX: From Interpretation to the Transference.
    Freud's Reading "Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego" (1921) (presented by Jon Smith).
May 26 Facilitated by Nancy Gillespie
    To Conclude: XX: In you more than you.
September 2 Facilitated by Clint Burnham
Fall 2008
The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book I:
Freud’s Papers on Technique, (1953–54)
    Overture to the Seminar; The Moment of Resistance I: Introduction to the commentaries on Freud’s Papers
    on Technique; II: Preliminary comments on the problem of resistance; III: Resistance and the defenses

September 16 Facilitated by Clint Burnham
    IV: The ego and the other; V: Introduction and reply to Jean Hyppolite’s presentation of Freud’s Verneinung; Hyppolite “A     
    Spoken Commentary on Freud’s Verneinung (see Appendix); VI: Discourse analysis and ego analysis; Freud     
    “Negation” [SE XIX 235-9].
September 30 Facilitated by Dave Gaertner
    The Topic of the Imaginary VII: The topic of the imaginary; VIII: The wolf! The wolf! 
October 14 Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez
    IX: On Narcissism; X: The two narcissisms; Freud “On Narcissism: An Introduction” [SE XIV 67-102]).
October 28 Facilitated by Alessandra Caperdoni
    XI: Ego-ideal and ideal ego; XII: Zeitlich-Entwicklungsgeschichte; Beyond Psychology XIII: The see-saw of desire.
 November 11 Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez and Paul Kingsbury
    XIV: The fluctuations of the libido; XV: The nucleus of repression; Michael Balint’s Blind Alleys XVI: Preliminary interventions
    on Balint; XVII: The object relation and the intersubjective relation.
November 25 Facilitated by Jesse Proudfoot
    XVIII: The symbolic order; Speech in the Transference XIX: The creative function of speech; XX: De locutionis significatione.
December 9 Facilitated by Calen Nixon and Paulina Moreno
    XXI: Truth emerges from the mistake; XXII: The concept of analysis.
Fall 2007 & Spring 2008
Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis
Elaborated by Hilda Fernandez and Michael McConkey
September 18
1. Background and Influences.  Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez
    As a result of his time and influences, Lacan orchestrated an epistemic movement in the psychoanalytical field
    that centrally claimed a "return to Freud". In this session we will discuss how Lacan’s central aphorism, “The unconscious is
    structured as a language,” is taken from the Freudian unconscious and his concept of a social individual that speaks.
    Through the Freudian concepts of parapraxes, displacement and condensation we will see how Lacan threads these
    concepts through other influences (Saussure) to account for how the human subject establishes a chain of
    signifiers/signification in the creation of meaning and in the production of ourselves.
  • Dor, Joël. Introduction to the Reading of Lacan: The Unconscious Structured as a Language (1997)
  • Freud, Sigmund. “Introductory Conferences to Analysis. 1st to 4th Conferences: Failed Actions” (1916-1917) The Standard Edition Vol. XV
  • _______. “New Introductory Conferences to Analysis. 29th Conference: Revision of the Dream Theory” (1933). The Standard Edition Vol. XXII
  • Lacan, Jacques. “The Function and Field of Speech and Language in Psychoanalysis” (1953). Écrits. Translated by B. Fink.
  • Silverman, Kaja. “From Sign to Subject, A Short History.” The Subject of Semiotics (New York: Oxford University Press, 1983).
October 2
2. The Three Registers. Facilitated by Paul Kingsbury
    In this session we will discuss how the three registers – Real, Imaginary and Symbolic – are inseparably intertwined in any
    subjective phenomena.
  • Brousse, Marie-Hélène. “The Imaginary,” (1996) Reading Seminars I and II: Lacan’s Return to Freud, eds. R. Feldstein, B. Fink, and M. Jaanus. Albany: SUNY Press
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October 16
3. Early Development: Oedipus Grows Up. Facilitated by Clint Burnham


    We will examine one of the earliest Lacanian texts, “The Mirror Stage,” that precedes the theoretical development of the Ego
    as a privileged symptom and source of ignorance, which is opposed to truth and knowledge. We also will examine the differences
    between Freud and Lacan with respect to the Oedipus concept through the discussion of the famous Freudian case of Little Hans.
  • Dor, Joël. “The Mirror Stage and the Oedipus Complex,” Introduction to the Reading of Lacan: The Unconscious Structured as a Language” (1997)
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November 13 
4. Name of the Father. Facilitated by Michael McConkey
    The symbolic register inaugurates the becoming of the human being into a subject.  How the signifier “Name of the Father”
    inserts the individual in the logic of the law and words and how this subject and its vicissitudes originates (Alienation 1,
    Alienation 2, Separation) will be the topic of this session.
  • Laurent, Éric. “Alienation and Separation” (I and II), Reading XI
  • Regnault, François. “The Name of the Father,” Reading XI
  • Verhaighe, Paul. “Causation and Destitution of a Pre-Ontological Non-entity,” Key Concepts.
December 11
5. Desire, Lack, Other. Facilitated by Calen Nixon
    Desire shapes our discourse, even though desire is impossible and impelled by a structuring lack. We will review the
    process of the subject’s Desire, conformed in language, and how it circulates through the signifier of the Phallus. We will
    point out some of the Hegelian influences and discuss the differences between drives, need, demand and desire.
  • Fink, Bruce. “The Subject and the Other’s Desire,: Reading I and II
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January 15
6. Drives, Needs, Demands, Desire: Desire is the other’s desire.   Facilitated by Sam Semper
  • Brousse, Marie-Hélène. “The Drive,” (I and II), Reading XI
  • Dor, Joël. “Need—Desire—Demand,” Introduction to the Reading of Lacan: The Unconscious Structured as a Language” (1997)

February 5
7. Jouissance.   Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez
    Between Anguish and Desire there is Jouissance and the object petit a. Jouissance, a quality, an experience and the
    production of any symptom, will be discussed through the lens of Freud’s Ratman case.
  • Freud, S. “Some Remarks on a Case of Obsessive Neurosis” (Ratman’s case) (1909) The Standard Edition Vol. X
  • _____,  “Beyond the Pleasure Principle” (1920) The Standard Edition Vol. XVIII
  • Braunstein, Nestor. “Desire and jouissance in the teachings of Lacan," The Cambridge Companion to Lacan (2003)
March 4
8. Fundamental Fantasy: “There is no sexual relationship”.   Facilitated by Paulina Moreno
    Sex is the fundamental subjective fantasy that keeps the subject questing for an answer that lays in the Real of the body
    and its particular entanglement with the word and image. What is that difference between women and men and how do
    we produce it? Why does Lacan say that The Woman does not exist but women do?
  • Fink, Bruce. “There’s No Such Thing as a Sexual Relationship,” The Lacanian Subject: Between Language and Jouissance.
  • Lacan, Jacques. “Guiding Remarks for a Convention on Female Sexuality” (1960) Écrits. Translated by B. Fink.

March 18
 9. Diagnosis of Symptom Structure. Facilitated by Jesse Proudfoot
    Our symptom is a specific arrangement of jouissance and desire. Lacan’s concept of clinical structure and diagnosis is
    different than the psychopathological defintions used in classical psychiatry and psychology. Neurosis (Hysteria,
    Obsession, Phobia), Perversion and Psychosis are characterized by the processes of repression, disavowal and foreclosure
    respectively.  These mechanisms that underlay the symptom must in turn be addressed differently during the treatment.
    We will work on the particularities of each structure.
  •  Dor, Joel. “ Diagnosis and Structure,” Clinical Lacan (1997)
  • Fink, Bruce. “A Lacanian Approach to Diagnosis” Clinical Intro

April 1
10. Diagnosis of Symptom Structure. Facilitated by Jesse Proudfoot and Hilda Fernandez
  • Miller, Jacques-Alain “On Perversion,” Ibid
  • Russell Grigg, “From the Mechanism of Psychosis to the Universal Condition of the Symptom: On Foreclosure,” Key Concepts
  • Soler, Colette “Hysteria and Obsession,” Reading I and II

April 15
11. Dynamic and effectuation of Transference: Psychoanalysis as a clinic of love. Facilitated by Gerard Funk
    Transference and its management are the central elements in the psychoanalytical treatment. We will review the concept of
    transference since Freud, and how the Lacanian additions, drawn from Plato’s “Banquet,” situates transference and its
    reenactment in the clinical act as a new erotology.
  • Freud, Sigmund. “Introductory Conferences to Analysis. 27th Conference: Transference (1916-1917) The Standard Edition Vol. XVI.
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  • Lacan, Jacques. “The Direction of the Treatment and the Principles of Its Power” (1958) Écrits. Translated by B. Fink.
April 29
11. Psychoanalytic setting.
    Is there a technique in psychoanalysis? What are the core aspects of it? How does the analyst’s style come to life? We
    will discuss time in analysis as a punctuating strategy and the logic behind the “infamous” variable length time session.
  • Lacan, Jacques. “The Direction of the Treatment and the Principles of Its Power” (1958)  Écrits. Translated by B. Fink.
  • _______ “The logic time and the assertion of the anticipated certitude” (1945)
  • Miller, Jacques-Alain. “An Introduction to Lacan’s Clinical Perspective,” Reading I and II.
  • Samuels, Robert. “From Freud to Lacan: A Question of Technique,” Ibid
May 13
12. A new ethic: Position of the analyst before knowledge and truth. Facilitated by Clint Burnham
    Psychoanalysis is a theory that was born primordially to support the practice of a therapy. What cures? What allows
    people to “pass to another thing”? We will review the timing of treatment, the role of knowledge and the production of truth in
    the clinical act, as well as the indispensable ethical position of an analyst by the emergence of his/her desire of analysis.
    The question of what is transmitted in the analytical act will shape the discussion on the psychoanalytical training, and
    what Lacan said about it.
  • Lacan, J. Seminar VII: The  Ethics of Psychoanalysis  (1953)
  • _____, “Science and Truth” (1965) Écrits
  • Safouan, Moustafa. Jacques Lacan and the Question of Psycho-analytic training (2000)
May 27
13. The Cure. Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez
    What happens at the end of analysis and what enables its termination? We will discuss the end of analysis from the
    Freudian perspective to the Lacanian advances around this problem. Some themes to review will be the dialectization of
    desire, the need to traverse the fundamental fantasy and the process of owning desire.
  • Dunand, Anne. “The End of Analysis” (I and II), Reading XI
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