Listening to COVID-19

The pandemic caused by the virus COVID19, an event in the Real, has traversed human experience and has had an unprecedented impact, materially and fantasmatically, on notions such as space, time, body, affect, economy and politics.

This is a collection of perspectives on COVID-19, mostly engaging with Lacanian psychoanalytic thought that will approach the phenomenon from one of three categories: Clinical, Cultural and/or Political. Click on the title to access the text......

COVIDeology in Six Parts by Clint Burnham

Viral Time by Am Johal

The Voracious Desire of COVID-19 by Alessandra Capperdoni

Free Association by Dan Collins

Enjoying COVID19? Movement, home and body by Hilda Fernandez-Alvarez

The Gift of COVID-19 by Samir Gandesha

Corona and its Discontents by Todd McGowan 

Viral Transmissions by Sanem Güvenç

How to Enjoy a Pandemic by Alma Krilic 

Social Distancing and its Discontents by Matthew Flisfeder

Loss of the Middle by Ian Angus

The Gaze of Coronavirus by Alois Sieben

Virtu-ality by Leigh Tennant 

Coronavirus as a Symptom by David Pavón-Cuéllar

Grief and COVID-19 by Michael McAndrew